EcoProjects Australia

EcoProjects Australia is a specialised company that focuses on the delivery of water and environmental infrastructure projects across south eastern Australia.

Our aim is to apply an innovative and technically sound service that is based on our industry experience in project management and implementation.

We pride ourselves on environmentally sustainable projects that demonstrate responsible water cycle management and protection of our natural environmental assets. We are water and environmental infrastructure specialists.

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Experience & Expertise

The team at EcoProjects is experienced in the planning and delivery of projects from small residential to large-scale commercial. With over 15 years experience in the water, environmental and waterway management industries, EcoProjects provides expertise in the management of projects that are ecologically sensitive and that have historic and cultural significance.

In addition to our in-house project management staff, EcoProjects has built an extensive network of professional service providers that allows us to source the most appropriate skills and advice to meet your project requirements.

With EcoProject’s extensive project management experience and flexibility of approach, we can customise our service to manage projects from the feasibility stage through to design and construction.


Accreditation – Environment, Safety and Quality Management System

To further enhance the product and service that EcoProjects provides its clients we have successfully achieved the key strategic objective of sourcing certification in Quality ISO 9001:2015, AS/NZS 4801:2001 and Environment ISO 14001:2015.

Our investment in these certifications has been undertaken to enable compliance to client project requirements. It also provides a strong framework for EcoProject’s future growth and its continued capacity to sucessfully deliver across a wide range of project areas and geographic landscapes.

We take pride in the fact we approach our certification seriously which provides our business and its clients with the most contemporary and compliant approach to environment, risk management, operational safety and quality.