Ayr Creek and Cassinia Wetland

Client: Bass Coast Shire Council

Type: Waterway and stormwater management

Timing: December 2016 – April 2017

EcoProjects were engaged by Bass Coast Shire Council to undertake waterway and stormwater wetland rehabilitation works along Ayr Creek and at Cassinia Wetland in Inverloch early in 2017.  The aim of the project was to improve drainage and stormwater detention and address potential inundation risks to property. The works included construction of a detention basin, vegetated swale, rock riffles, channel modification and stormwater wetland upgrades and revegetation. The EcoProject’s team worked in collaboration with EnviroGain staff to undertake works in a sensitive way in areas of high recreational use. The team took initiative to carefully remove and replant aquatic plants, relocated eels as part of the dewatering and wetland maintenance works, and responded to the advice of local ecologists as the works progressed.  A strong working relationship with Bass Coast Shire staff ensured there was regular communication and issues were dealt with as they arose.